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On the periodic table why do some elements have symbols with letters that aren’t even in the word?

These are the elements in the periodic table with symbols different from their names. Do you know why? Read further to now know. Sodium with Latin name NATRUM had its origin from Persian natrun a natural substance found along Nile. Potassium with Latin name KALIUM had its origin from al-qualyah means calcined ash. Tin with Latin name STANNUM apparently came from stagnum means ‘the same thing’, the origin of stannum may be pre-Indo-European. Lead with Latin name PLUMBUM meas soft metal. Antimony with Latin name STIBIUM. Iron with Latin name FERRUM means sword. Copper with Latin name CUPRUM principally mined on Cyprus. Silver with Latin name ARGENTUM from Indo-European root arg meaning white or shining. Tungsten with Latin name WOLFRAM means wolf cream in German. Gold with Latin name AURUM means shining dawn. Mercury with Latin name HYDRARGYRUM means water-silver.


Memorize periodic table of elements

This idea of making a song for periodic table of elements came in to my mind when i was in my school. Because I could memorize any song i like. But memorizing other things were not that easy. After I’ve decided to make a song on periodic table I was in search of a singer to sing the one I wrote. As i found it difficult i decided to sing it myself. I was not good at singing. I edited my voice digitally which then seem as if a robot had sung it and the result was the video clip. I am sure the song will help memorizing periodic table of elements easier. Feel free to share this to anyone who’s likely to make use of it to memorize periodic table of elements. Comments are appreciated.